• Isharat Marketing Analytics

    Marketing Analytics

    Capturing market signals to enable you tailor specific strategies and improve customer engagement to better serve your marketing goals.

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  • Isharat Robotic Process Automation

    Process Automation

    Robotic process automation replaces human interactions with computer systems and automates them with a software robots and algorithms.

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  • Isharat Sensor Analytics

    IoT Analytics

    Capturing, analyzing and visualizing sensor data streams for real-time insights and quality control, IoT, signals data monitoring and notifications.

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  • Isharat Process Analytics

    Process Analytics

    Process analytics and productivity benchmarking tools help you better measure, monitior, manage and improve performance of processes.

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  • Isharat Decision Analytics

    Decision Analytics

    Decisioning capabilities for automated and effective data driven business processes using algorithms, machine learning (AI) and smart inferences.

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  • Isharat KPIs and Dashboards

    Executive Dashboards

    Dashboards, metrics and KPIs and custom reports leveraging insights on critical business processes and data-driven initiatives.

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  • Isharat Cumstomer Insight

    Customer Insight

    360-degree customer view, connecting transactions and interactions with business goals to boost costumer life time value.

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  • Isharat Financial Analytics

    Financial Analytics

    Financial KPIs, reporting scorecard or dashboards for senior management, best practices measuring and managing business performance.

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  • Isharat Data Services

    Application Integration

    Seamlessly integrating applications and data systems across your enterprise, to streamline the data flow and information exchange.

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  • Isharat IoT Analytics

    R&D Analytics

    Capturing and analyzing data to optimize production cycles, simplify processes and reduce costs in product and service introduction.

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