We work with our clients to understand their business needs and to unlock the value of information with smart analytics and data solutions. We these organizations promote operational, financial and marketing boundaries with smarter analytics solutions and data services.

Business Analytics

Isharat develops business intelligence and advanced analytics solutions, data visualization and smart dashboards that help your organisation make confident strategic data-driven decisions.

Process Analytics

Isharat helps you discover your organizations complex business processes and streamline these processes across your organization for greater efficiency.

Big Data Services

Isharat streamlines your organization's data and information flow, optimizing existing processes and integrating various data sources in and out of your systems.

Decision Analytics

Isharat delivers decision analytics software solutions that help you fine tune operational performance, and insights that improves your buisiness responsiveness.

Marketing Analytics

Isharat helps you better understand the customer and market trends. Our solutions help you identify profitable customer segments, prevent churn and score customer loyalty.

CRM Analytics

Isharat delivers CRM systems, onsite integration and embedded analytics that will transform your sales and marketing efforts to the next level.

Web & Social Analytics

Isharat helps your organization better understand complex social and web signals. Our solutions analyse online data and augment them with offline intelligence and state of art techniques to generate valuable insight.

Industrial Analytics

Isharat provides solutions that can capture industrial process and sensor data to report key performance metrics and help you improve operational efficiency towards best practice.

Supply-Chain Analytics

Isharat software solutions provide you with insights on your supply chain operations, vendor and store order quantities, inventory-holding and stock-out costs. We help you audit supplier quality with models suitable to your industry.

Strategic Consulting

Isharat provides advisory services and subject matter expertise to your organisation. Since effectively managing your data is a critical success factor to meeting your business objectives and goals, you do not have to go it alone.

Our Approach

Isharat believes that every client is unique and so are their needs. With our analytics solutions and data services we help your organization have better insights on the business challenges and competition. We provide you with the necessary analytical tools and up-to-date information that enables you to anticipate change and uncover new opportunities. For us, a typical analytics project starts with an initial consultation, which later is extended to a fully developed solution that delivers the required business value.

smart dashboard isharat

We work together with our clients to understand their specific business needs, we design solutions and integrate data sources to cater these needs.

Our approach to delivering a solution consists of:

  • Preliminary analysis of the opportunity
  • Analysis of requirements and data sources
  • Designing the Solution
  • Maintaining the Solution

Preliminary analysis of the opportunity

In this phase we perform a preliminary analysis to define the scope of the project. The scope is adjusted to insure business users and analysts are in agreement on the project scope. The project is planned and deliverables are agreed upon.

Analysis of solution requirements and data sources

In this phase we work on the specific needs of your business. Functional and non-functional requirements are gathered, documented, analysed, and prioritised. Internal and external sources of structured and unstructured data necessary to build the new solution are identified and evaluated.

Solution Design

In this phase we design the solution. Hardware and software platforms are determined, the choices on customising an existing software package or solution is done, developing custom software applications or a combination of any of these steps is performed. If applicable, alternative designs are presented.

Implementation and Maintenance of Solution

Depending on the scope of the project, we may implement the solution ourselves, or work with your IT staff or business analysts to complete the implementation based on the final solution specification. Typically, the post-implementation activities include training users and staff, fine-tuning the solution, monitoring results, and monitoring the usage of the delivered solution.

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