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For a rapidly growing enterprise there is no room for process inefficiencies. Every business deals with the challenge of managing too many processes: Keeping track of workflows and roles, moreover dealing with data quality, storing, finding, and accessing information manually which greatly impacts productivity, costs, customer service, and the ability to make informed business decisions.

Isharat helps your organization discover and simplify complex business processes. With business process discovery and optimization we streamline processes across your organization for greater efficiency and transparency.

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Business process management is the logical extension to your organizations simplification efforts. Streamlining and managing processes across your organization helps increase productivity, reduce costs, gain visibility and improve service quality.

Our modern process analytics technology extracts an accurate view of your actual business processes, and user interactions with enterprise applications and end-to-end business processes.

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We help map and analyze your organization's business processes, identifying complexities and helping you build suitable strategies to simplify and make leaner processes.

Business Process Discovery

  • - To identify business process inefficiencies.
  • - Reduce waste.
  • - Promote process transparency.
  • - Improve process flow.

Business Process Automation

  • - To increase productivity.
  • - Reduce costs.
  • - Gain visibility.
  • - Improve service quality.

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