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Marketing executives are increasingly working in real-time, capturing, consolidating and analysing enormous amounts of customer and marketing data from the digital world to drive traditional offline marketing initiatives.

For organizations seeking to transform their marketing and sales through advanced analytics, Isharat helps define your vision, develop use cases, organize initiatives into an implementation roadmaps, and build capabilities to create strategic value and competitive edge. With marketing and consumer analytics your organization can improve marketing effectiveness within key marketing processes enterprise wide and deliver business value.

We help your organization harness marketing data to drive insights that convert into better customer experiences at scale. Optimizations that drive higher levels of business performance and a greater return on marketing investment.

 Isharat marketing analytics

With marketing you aim to reach consumers at the moments that most influence their decisions. What kind of customer insights do your customer-facing teams have? Do your sales team and support members understand the behavior of the customers with whom they engage everyday? Access to behavioral and analytic insight should not be the prerogative of the technically inclined within your organization. It can be highly useful for customer-facing teams since they can directly act on it in their daily work.

Organizations needs an analytics that can provide real time, fact-based insight into the entire sales process. All users, from sales executives to front-line sales representatives, get up-to-the-moment, complete, and in-context sales insight—insight that is personalized, relevant, and actionable.

Isharat offers the analytical tools that allow your marketing executives and analysts to go beyond reactive business reporting and enable them to proactively predict sales and marketing performance. The benefits are, faster and more informed decisions that help the sales organization compete more effectively, lower sales costs, and achieve better results.
Organizations that do take advantage of our analytical solutions will likely find themselves having a competetive advantage and in a significantly better position to manage their business.

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Our approach is uniquely process-oriented, we leverage effective technology and ensure the agility to adapt to your future needs.

Marketing Analytics

We deliver marketing analytics ROMI reporting solutions based on historical/forecasted data, including exception-based reports that trigger important alerts.

Customer Insight

Within customer intelligence applications we leverage sophisticated algorithms and analytical models to forecast ad model customer attrition and organizational behavior, and support senior leadership to make confident decisions based on data.

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This is a demonstration on automated customer engagement and our algorithms that forecast and model customer behaviors to help increase the customer life time value.

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