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Leading companies leverage Big Data, analytics and technology to drive smarter, faster and more accurate decisions in every aspect of their business. We serve as strategic partner to our clients where we consult and deliver a wide range of business intelligence analytics custom tailored for centralized analytics teams or individual business units.

Isharat delivers advanced analytics solutions that help your organization grow, fine-tune operational performance and closely monitor decision metrics. We offer expert consultation, data integration, modeling of business decision processes and advanced analytics as a service platform which can enable you achieve desired business outcomes for your organization.

 Isharat decision analytics

Decision analytics allows organizations to convert data into valuable business decisioning. Our analytics solutions, scoring algorithms and application automation processes help businesses manage credit risk, prevent fraud, target marketing offers and automate decision making.

Decision analytics is used in various industries and business processes, each requiring its own level of sophistication and skill. With a proper solution in place, organizations can achieve a greater level of business value through smart automated decisions.

With many decisions driving your business, the challenge still remains to determine what technology and approach are required to make each of them effectively. The right tools, information and approaches are critical. Organizations wishing to become decision-centric should take a number of steps, and Isharat is there to kick-start your journey on becoming a smarter organization.

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Decision Analytics Solutions

We enable you to formulate real-time, optimised decisions based on strong analytics that maximizes value of business transactions. With a wealth of expertise in versatile product and services, we can offer specific solutions tailored to individual businesses and industries:

  • - Predicting customer and organizational Behaviour
  • - Automating Decisioning
  • - Detecting and preventing fraud
  • - Recommender engines
  • - Enhanced management strategies
  • - Predictive maintenance

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