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Everywhere you look, the quantity of information in the world is soaring. Even so, the data deluge is already starting to transform business, government, science and everyday life. The so called big data generated from social media, emails, multimedia, sensors, and other non-traditional sources of information has given executives the unprecedented ability to understand their customers and business, anticipate challenges, and identify opportunities.

Isharat streamlines your organization's information flow, optimizing existing processes and integrating big data from various sources into centralized manageable information-buckets to deliver a 360 degree view and insight on your business challenges.

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The pressure on organizations to make accurate and timely decisions has never been greater. The ability to identify challenges, spot opportunities, and adapt with agility is a competitive advantage and a requirement for survival to many businesses today. Generating insights not just from analyzing new data, but from within the context of the old to provide new perspectives on existing business problems. Data-driven decision making is a dominant business logic, in the modern age. Enterprises that succeed adopting big data analytics will gain valuable insights on their business and customer bases and a leg up on their competitors.

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Our data services capture and analyse vast amounts of unstructured and structured data to fully exploit new business opportunities and business critical challenges. To achieve the competitive edge in your industry you must be able to streamline you organizations information and data workflows, and seamlessly integrate your various application and data sources across the enterprise.

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