Smart data for Valuable Insights

Analytics Software and Data Driven Services

What We Offer

Isharat is a boutique IT consultancy that develops analytics software solutions and managed data services. We are experienced business and technical experts focused on extracting value from your data. We enable organizations answer complex business questions leveraging artificial intelligence, data analytics and smart data services.

Business Analytics

Isharat develops business intelligence and advanced analytics solutions, data visualization and smart dashboards that help your organisation make confident strategic data-driven decisions.

Process Analytics

Isharat helps you discover your organizations complex business processes and streamline these processes across your organization for greater efficiency.

Big Data Services

Isharat streamlines your organization's data and information flow, optimizing existing processes and integrating various data sources in and out of your systems.

Decision Analytics

Isharat delivers decision analytics software solutions that help you fine tune operational performance, and insights that improves your buisiness responsiveness.

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