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Master Data Management ReDefined

Master Data Management Isharat
Real-time analytics is what organizations are aiming to have, we can say that today's real-time data warehouses are can mimic some of the functionality of master data management, and in the future can take over MDM's ability to govern data to create the successful golden records. Read more [...]

Marketing Analytics for Lead Management

Exploiting CRM Analytics
It is estimated that about two out of every three conversations we have with organizations today revolve around lead management. Some of these conversations focus on predictive models that estimate the value of prospects. Some conversations talk about a seamless integration between sales and marketing efforts. Some conversations talk about nurturing opportunities into closed sales. Yet other conversations talk about campaign management. And some talk about lead scoring.
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Becoming a Decision-Centric Organization

Data Lake Redefined
Decision-centric organization focus on the effectiveness of its decisions rather than aggregated, after-the-fact metrics. A decision-centric organization recognizes decision making as a competency and devotes resources to elevate, understand and continuously improve its decisions. Knows which decisions matter and why. Which processes depend on which decisions, for instance, and which decisions impact which key performance indicators or KPIs.
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