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How Business Analytics Enhances Supply Chain Efficiency

Effective inventory management translates to having the right amount of the right product at the right location delivered just in time to satisfy customer needs at minimum cost. Implementing an inventory improvement solution driven by business intelligence can help retailers to improve their business in five key areas: assortments, replenishment, vendors, supply chain and markdowns. Detailed data related to physical and calculated inventories, inventory receipts and adjustments, supplier shipments Read more [...]

Improving Business Performance with User Driven Predictive Analytics

Big Data and Changing Algorithms
Predictive analytics –is a quickly evolving technology that is starting to find practical business applications in businesses small and large. If you follow the buzz, what’s not to like? The idea of being able to predict future performance based upon past results, within a determined range of certainty, is surely attractive to most executives trying to improve, and better forecast, their business performance. Unfortunately, until recently, the reality has not lived up to the marketing hype.
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